Verification made simple for independent auto dealers.

Know Your Customer using our applicant-driven platform for verifying identity and income as well as capturing and processing documents and stipulations.

Quickly, Securely, Automatically.

Solutions for your dealership

Everything you need to verify applicants for pre-qualification.

Easy, online process

Easy, online process reducing the amount of time required to meet on-premise.

Industry-leading security

Security and privacy in technology solutions are top of mind.

Faster pre-qualification

Pre-qualification of loan applications provides expectations of loan terms and approval before visiting the premises.

Streamlined online process

The streamlined online process for qualification and verifications reduces the difficulty and time spent on manually verifying documentation.

Detailed data

Detailed data gathering enables sound loan decision and prevents potential sales loss from customers having to leave the premise to retrieve documents.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud prevention via cross-verification between POI streams decreases the prevalence of fraudulent documentation.

Increased conversions

Increase sales and lead conversions with up-front pre-qualification.

Over 50% show rate

Over 50% show rate

30 minutes saved in sales process

30 minutes saved in sales process

20% reduction in fraudulent POI

20% reduction in fraudulent POI

2x web leads sales increase

2x web leads sales increase

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