Benefits for customers and dealers

Approve Owl provides an easy, online process for your customers. They can securely upload required documents and import their bank statements from their cell phone or computer, moving the paperwork process almost entirely digital, reducing time in-dealership.

Fits into your current workflow

  • Integration within any point of your sales funnel.
  • Integrate all of the software features or only the pieces that optimize your current process gaps.
  • Integration with existing back-office software, DMS, or CRM.
  • Automatic bank statement generation.
  • Link to your applicant portal within your existing website.
  • Enables live messaging with applicants.

Data analysis

  • The platform calls out what is most important to your underwriting team.
  • Automatically calculates common values.
  • Provides quick insights into income and spending habits.
  • Enables address verification with a spending habits map.
  • Enables identity verification with ID scanning.

Reduce bad credit decision costs

  • Prevent fraudulent POI and employment verification.
  • Confirm identity information.
  • Identify other debt/expenses.
  • SSN validation and ID theft probability assessment, all without having to pull an applicant’s credit.

Sales Impact

  • 2x web leads sales increase.
  • Show rate increased by 50% and lead time cut in half.
  • 30 minutes saved in the sales process.
  • An applicant that imports their bank statement(s) is 3x more likely to convert to a sale than one who doesn’t.

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