How it works

Approve Owl provides an easy, online process for your customers. They can begin on your website or via a text message invite. Customers complete their applicant profile, securely upload required documents, and provide digital bank statements.

Immediate verification

Know your customers before they hit your DMS.

Bank Account Ownership

Current and Available Balances

Liability Payments

Direct Deposits

Phone Numbers

Mailing Addresses

Email Addresses

Social Security Number

Secured and verified

Data is captured from a secure, direct connection to the applicant’s bank account so you can trust the POI you see.

Uniform account statements

  • Shows total deposits and withdrawals for up to 90 days.
  • Highlights largest and most frequent deposits.
  • View all names listed on applicant’s bank accounts.
  • For each transaction, locations may also be provided.
  • View where a customer conducts transactions as an alternative to verify their true location.
  • Quickly spot recurring debt obligations.
  • Identify spending patterns.
  • Easily view end of day balances.
  • Determine pay dates and timing of expenses.

Identity risk assessment

  • Recognition of synthetic identity attributes
  • Recognition of potential instances of identity theft in an applicant’s history
  • “Know Your Customer” (KYC) checks
  • OFAC check

ID card scanning

Reduces the likelihood of human error in inputting identity information and ensures identity information is not falsified.

Document exports

Customer documents can be easily exported individually or packaged together in one PDF document. Customer data can be imported back into your CRM, or exported to your DMS for vehicle sale.

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