Approve Owl is a modular platform that can grow in features as the needs of your dealership grows. We have a base Workflow plan that helps you gather information and documents from applicants for importing into your DMS. We also offer ways to automatically verify data remotely early in your sales funnel to reduce fraud and find additional income streams to help approve applicants.


Our base plan streamlines your workflow for gathering information and documentation from an applicant in a secure, applicant-driven process that reduces human errors and verifies access to the phone number provided by the applicant.

What's included

  • SMS Inviting

  • Applicant 2FA with SMS and Voice Support

  • Contact Verification

  • Secure Document Uploading

  • Secure ID Card Uploading

  • Document Packet Bundling

  • Unlimited Business Users

  • Single Sign-On Support

  • Customizable Applicant Portal

  • User Action Audits

  • Portal Analytics

  • User Productivity Reports

  • API Access

  • 24 months of data retention (FTC mandated maximum)

Identity Verification

Catch fraud early in your sales funnel so you can focus your time on real applicants. When you want to remotely verify the identity of an applicant before pulling a credit report. We check that the applicant is who they say they are and verify if the provided SSN is likely attached to the other information provided by the applicant.

What's included

  • Composite Synthetic Fraud Checks

  • First Party Synthetic Fraud Checks

  • Third Party Synthetic Fraud

  • ID Theft Checks

  • Alerts for possible CPN usage

  • OFAC Watchlist Checks

  • ID Card Scanning

  • Caller ID Data for Phones

  • Public Records Data for Addresses

  • Property Tax Information on Addresses

  • Google Street View of Addresses

Financial Verification

Securely fetch financial transactions directly from the source. With detailed, structured data, Approve Owl can analysis spending habits to highlight liabilities your team might have missed as well as categorize income so you can maximize your applicants potential for approval.

What's included

  • Real-Time Access to Bank Account Transactions

  • Access to over 11,500 Financial Institutions

  • Support for Payroll Cards

  • Verification of Identity with Financial Institutions

  • Verification of Bank Account Ownership

  • Verified, Uniform Account Statements as PDFs

  • Transaction Calendar View

  • Income and Spending Analysis

  • Additional Automatic Flags for Finances

  • Map View of Spending Habits and Location Data

Frequently asked questions

What is an asset report?

An asset report is a snapshot of the financial information available directly from the applicant’s connected bank accounts. Giving you improved insight into the applicant’s current financial situation and verification of identity.

How many banks are supported?

Over 11,500 banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions in North America support asset reports. Support for some payroll cards and retail trading operations are also included.

How many asset reports will I need monthly?

It depends on your target audience and where you plan to use Approve Owl in your workflow. Expect to need a package with about a fourth of your normal lead volume per month.

What happens if I pull more asset report than my plan limit?

We have soft-caps on the number of asset reports that can be pulled. However, if you are consistently over your plan’s limit, you will be required to upgrade your plan.

How secure is my data?

We know security is important to you, which is why all traffic runs over SSL, and all sensitive information and uploaded documents are encrypted. Also, sensitive bank account connection details such as username and password are never stored on our servers.

How does this compare to a credit report?

A credit report is focused on liabilities. Approve Owl analyzes banking data for not just liabilities the applicant is paying for, but also their present income sources and current spending habits.

What if a bank connection fails?

Sometimes you may not be able to connect a customer’s bank account. The problem could be taking place anywhere along the chain between Plaid and the financial institution.

Are the financial institution credentials shared with Approve Owl?

User credentials will never be made accessible to Approve Owl. Once a customer provides permission to share financial data with Approve Owl, it is securely transferred from the financial institution to Approve Owl through the Plaid application programming interface (API).

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