New Feature

Sales Zones for Applicants and Users

We've added Sales Zones as an optional way to organize users and applicants.

Sales Zones map to how your organization expresses your location hierarchy. Maybe you have your locations in districts or regions or maybe a single location has both a new car and used car office. You can configure your sales zones to match the way you organize your locations.

When enabled, users will be required to join the sales zone they belong to. Users will only be allowed to list applicants in their sales zone or any child zone. This allows for regional operators to see all locations in their region. Any applicants invited by that user will automatically get added to the user's zone.

Users will still be able to search for applicants across all sales zones from the dashboard search.

If an applicant applies on their own through your landing page, anyone in your main, top-level sales zone can filter them to the correct zone for those users to have access to their profile.

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