New Feature

SentiLink Identity Verification

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have integrated with SentiLink to provide you with a risk assessment score for the applicant's potential for fraud if the applicant has submitted enough information for automatic scoring.

SentiLink provides you with a score and top reasons for the score across these types of fraud:

Composite Synthetic Fraud

A composite synthetic fraud score indicates the likelihood an applicant is synthetic.

First Party Synthetic Fraud

Detects applicants using their true name and date of birth, but an SSN that doesn’t belong to them. They are manipulating their true identity.

Third Party Synthetic Fraud

Identifies applicants using a name, date of birth and SSN combination that is completely fabricated.

ID Theft

Identifies traditional forms of ID Theft as well as emerging fraud vectors.

SentiLink scores combined with our automatic government ID card scanning and with identity data from a financial institution can give you confidence in your applicant's identity without pulling a credit score.

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