Activity and Notifications Improvements

We have updated applicant activities to log more events. “Invited,” has been broken up in to “Created” and “Invite Sent” to support the case of only adding a profile and not sending an invite. When a “Created” event is logged it includes a channel identifier. The channel identifier denotes how the profile was originally created. Channels could be the business portal, consumer portal, or an applicant sign up from an external source such as another website.

Approve Owl also now logs all the CRM features such as followed, note created, reminder created, appointment created, appointment dismissed, profile archived, and when a sales zone is changed.

Activity Stream

The UI for the Activity Stream has been updated and now includes a filtering option. The stream in Messages has also been updated to include the new card style. Also, managers have access to user-specific activity streams to watch what a user has been doing, and admins have access to an organization-wide activity stream.


Approve Owl is now smarter about who gets notifications. No longer will you get notifications about your own actions such as sending an outbound message. Also, inbound messages now have their own list in the notification sections of the user dashboard, so they don’t get missed.

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