New Feature

3CX Integration

We have improved our integration with the 3CX phone system with new features: contact information fetching and call logging.

When enabled, the 3CX CRM integration will fetch contact information and display the contact's name in the application or on your desktop phone when a call is placed or received if the applicant has an active profile in Approve Owl. You can also enabled automatic contact creation in your 3CX contacts list.

Additionally, you can enable call logging in 3CX to automatically log calls to and from applicants in Approve Owl. This will create a new call log entry for each call placed or received by the applicant and the agent or sales rep that handled the call. We will only log calls if there is an active profile for the applicant in Approve Owl.

We also support Click-to-Call from within Approve Owl when you install the 3CX browser extension for Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

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