Texting Update

We've made the biggest overhaul to text messaging in Approve Owl since launching the feature.

Responded Status

We're now tracking if an inbound text message has been responded to. Applicants with unresponded text messages will have a yellow dot throughout the app to indicate that they have an unresponded message.

Unresponded List

Dashboard now has a list of applicants with unresponded text messages. This list is sorted by the date of the last unresponded message. You can click on an applicant in the list to go to their profile.

Messages UI Limited to Engaged Applicants

Previously, the Messages UI would show all followed applicants. Now it's limited to just applicants that are actively texting with you.

Upload Documents from Text Messages

If an applicant sends you a photo of a stipulation or other document, you can now upload that document to their profile. Just click the upload button next to the photo in the messages list.

Delivery Status Updates

We now will show you the delivery status of the text message. This will show you if the applicant's phone carrier has reported the message as delivered.

Response Time Tracking

For managers we now track the average response time for texting for each user and each applicant. This will help you identify if you have any bottlenecks in your texting process.

Better Opt Out Handling

We have always supported opt out requests from applicants if they reply "STOP" or "UNSUBSCRIBE." However, we now support opt out requests from carriers to help keep you compliant with new texting rules.

We also compile a list of opted out applicants so you can see who has opted out of sales text messages.

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