Spring Cleaning - Removing Portal Analytics

We've been running our own portal analytics since Approve Owl was released. More people are using VPNs, iCloud Private Relay, or an ad/tracking blocker on their mobile devices, Safari and Firefox keep upping their privacy game with features like removing the tracking codes on urls (, and Chrome is doing away with third-party cookies later this year ( This has made our portal analytics less accurate and less useful.

You can still use Google Analytics in your consumer portal for audience and goal tracking. We recommend using a tool that allows you to track your portal usage and your website usage in one place. This will give you a more complete picture of your applicant's journey.

Also, for dealerships using our text messaging service, we are removing the Live Messages UI, known as the Communicator, from our dealership portal. Most reps are using our unresponded messages dashboard and the applicant profile for replying to inbound messages, and we are working on a new mobile application for iOS and Android that will allow reps to respond to messages on the go with push notifications as an alternative to the Communicator.

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